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Vision & Mission



To promote economically and socially viable agrarian based livelihoods in rain-fed and other ecologically depressed regions through sustainable agriculture.

Vision Mission 1

Mission Goals

  • Improved standard of living of farmer & farm-worker households under COFA
  • Enhancement of sustainable agriculture
  • Development of entrepreneurship – Self Organization
  • Advocating policies at national & international level to support small & marginal farmers
  • Consolidate small & marginal farmers from rainfed regions under a common flag
  • Promotion & support of a self-sustaining Farmers’ trading company Chetna Organic
  • Be a knowledge repository for organic farming & ethical supply chain development

Vision Mission 2


Enhancing productivity and Reducing costs of cultivation

Holistic approach and ecologically aligned technical interventions; internalized inputs for production; collective marketing,

Promoting viable institutions         

Promote farmer-owned, well-governed, well-managed, profitable & equitable instituions

Creating market access through value addition 

Farmer involvement in aggregation; farm-gate processing, accessing markets from the subsequent nodes in the value chain of the commodities.

Food and nutrition security

Production of diverse and safe (without agrochemicals, GM, adulteration, etc.) foods; making farmers the first point of safe food consumption; etc.

Women and child development

Drudgery reduction, being socially sensitive to immediate problems and trying to reduce them, support to strengthen local schools; orienting children towards sustainable farming; etc.

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